If you would like to experience the genuine Africa, live with a Senegalese family and at the same time make a contribution to your fellow human beings, then take this chance! Come and work with us!

To speak French, which is the national language, is not necessary. The pupils in the “Lycee” learn English but otherwise people speak Wolof or French. The Talibés speak mostly Poular, one of the other ethnic languages and Wolof. You can manage to get a long way with body language and a nicer and more sympathetic people than the Senegalese are not easy to find.


Your duties at the Centre will be to teach ABC, English and maybe a little French and Maths. You will also be a General Playleader. If you want, you can also help in the Clinic, taking care of wounds – the children get lots off wounds on their feet and legs.


There will be opportunities to make excursions, for example, to Cap Skirring, a tourist place by the sea, Kafountine, a fishing village also by the sea and the paradisiac islands Carabane and Kachouane in the Casamance River.

On Friday evenings we usually meet somewhere in the city to have a drink together and there are also some hotels with swimming pools to visit during your free time.


There will also be opportunities to have lessons in French, Wolof and Djola.

Are you interested?

It will make us very happy if you are interested in coming to Ziguinchor to work with our streetchildren.

The conditions are as follows:


2 weeks 350 Euros

3 weeks 500 Euros

4 weeks 670 Euros

5 weeks 840 Euros

6 weeks 1010 Euros

After that an additional 150 Euros for every extra week.

The demands we have on our volunteers are:

You are working minimum 2 weeks

The minimum age is 18

You have all the necessary vaccinations

You have a travel- and health insurance

You will give us a record of previous convictions

Included in the price:

The housing and all meals in a senegalese family

Transport to and from the airport/harbour in Ziguinchor

Bottled water during working hours in the center

Support from the staff day and night

Not included in the price:


Travel- and health insurances


Visa if staying more than 90 dags

The record of previous convictions


We can promis You that spending time with a family in Senegal and at the same time be working with the talibés in our centre will be a memory for life!